Saturday, January 23, 2010

Krokopatra Run With Antonio


Today Antonio and I went off to see if farming Krokopatra was worth the time and efforts

BTW Antonio is lvl 43 while I am 46

here is my deck for everyone except krokopatra

and here is the one for her Majesty

Note: This deck is big but really all you need is the elemental blades, fire blades, and tinys.

and here is a pic of her stats
and me destroying her

And omg YAY a respawn of ONLY he majesty without the minion!after the whole run i earned:

739 gold in drops

132 EXP from battles alone

1920 EXPfor doing the dungon quests the second time BTW this only works if it is only your second time doing the dungon

and finally 162 gold in battles!

Oh and also did i mention that it only took 15-19 min!

Untill next time...

See ya.


  1. Yeah that run only takes me on my level 45 storm wiz. about 10 minutes good gold drops she is a good one to get some monye with.

  2. i am sry the post wasnt very clear my friend was afk at the last battle and made it
    much longer then it should it prob wasted a good 5-7 min.