Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Craft for profit

Hello its me Juan!

In the game there are two main ways to make gold



This guide is about how to craft for profit and i will show you how to do so

But first you need to

1. Get at LEAST a apprentice crafter badge and have the clothing table if in MB or higher

2. Be at LEAST lvl 25

3. And have at LEAST 1,500 gold in your bag

ok now how to do it

1. The best crafts in the game are the school clothes from KT on

what you need to do is buy a recipe from the dealer BTW dont get clothes that require springs or dimonds most of the time they will be not worth the time put in

2. Go to the Commons of the highst world you can accsess and go to the reagent vendor and buy the reagents

3. Go to the Bazzar in wizard city and buy the rest of the reagents AND but the marker there

4. go to your Dorm/House and craft the item
5. go back to the Bazzar and sell your item

Now your done!

for an Eg. I bought a recipe for some fire boots in MB and the cost of ALL of the reagents and recipe cost about 2,000 gold and the boots sell for 3,000 gold!

Then from then on you earn 1,500 gold in PROFIT with about 5 min of time!

Thx for reading my useful guide

Until next time,

See Ya

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