Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW!!!!!!

WOW soo much is going to be happening soon!!!! WOOT!!!!

  1. For starters the lvl cap is going to be raised from 50 to 60!!! which means new spells some time in the future?
  2. Celestia IS COMING OUT late this summer with three diffrent types of magic! P.S if you look at the picture at the main website you can see a sun moon and star hint anyone?
  3. Make your own pets! so I guess we could make our own hybrid pets that are totaly customizable and can compete them in races... cool

Soo much is coming to the spiral I just cant wait!!!!!

Untill next time...

See ya

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  1. cool,Hi i am ryanmist dust lvl31 myth student, i like you site cool i check every new NEW NEW comment lol