Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wings, Swords, and dont forget about the lecture!

Eh it looks like i am the last to post about THE NEW WINGS! WOOT

they attach to your charecter and act like other mounts EXCEPT THAT YOU CANT BUY THEM IN GOLD i mean what the heck i am not going to pay the 13$ JUST so my character can look like a bat i mean SHEESH next thing you know you are going to have to pay 200$ for a Stew ped mount just like in World of warcraft* BUT there is a bright side to the new update for 5$ you noobie lvl 25 or lower person CAN GET A 2 PIP WAND YES A 2 PIP WAND! and for the lvl 45 or higher people for a SUPER expensive 10$ you can get a 110 DAMAGE WAND WOOT but still it is WAY to expensive for kids i mean at LEAST let us buy the mounts in gold KI it just isn't fair! Thank you for listening to my rant

Until Next Time...

See Ya

*Btw i don't play WoW

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